How to Write a Draft

Essay writing can be quite an arduous sometimes. Little wonder many people dread it. They tend to avoid it till it is close to the due date. But it doesn’t have to be so. So If you want to learn how to write an essay, writing a draft in inevitable. A rough draft allows you to put all your thought and ideas on paper and later you can flesh them out. Before you would be satisfied with the draft, you may have to add and delete information many times.

So how do you go about writing the draft for an essay? What are the steps to take? Here are few tips in writing a draft for an essay:

1. Start with a brainstorming session- Start your quest for how to write essays with a brainstorming session. Try to generate as much ideas and thoughts on the topic as you can. Write them down as quickly as they come to mind. Aim at identifying a major topic and developing points on that topic.

2. Structure your ideas- Organize your ideas by grouping related ideas together. Try to create headings and subheadings for the topic and where possible subtopics. List everything you know about the topic/subtopic under each of them.

3. Make a rough outline that provides how the flow of the essay would look like. Just list the points as they occur to you. Later you may want to organize them. If you are going to learn how to write essays, essay outlines is essential.

4. Carry out a thorough research on the topic and various subtopics you’ve generated. Use the internet, your local library and where possible consult experts on the topic. If you’re going to be printing out the rough draft, then it is advisable to leave extra spaces in between lines to comment on later.

5. The Introduction- In writing the introduction, aim at giving adequate background information on the topic. Begin with general and move on to specifics ending with the thesis of the essay. It thesis should express a major idea.

6. Paragraphs- Start with a sentence that informs the reader that tells the reader what the paragraph is all about. Each paragraph should contain one topic only. For instance food and schooling are too much to discuss in a paragraph. Support your arguments with clear descriptive details and research. In learning how to write essays, you’ll have to get a grip on paragraphing.

7. Conclusion- In conclusion let your readers know why your topic and arguments are very important. Summarize each point briefly in your conclusion.

When you’re through with writing the draft, don’t be in a hurry to submit it. This will give you some time for a fresh approach. Revise it. If at any point in writing the draft, you get frustrated. Take some time off to go for a break, a walk or something. Of course you can only afford to do that if you start out early. If you know how to write a good draft, chances are you’d know how to write an essay.