Publishing an Essay

You may want to make a career out of writing essays if you’re really good at it. Learning how to write an essay is one thing, publishing your essay is a complete different kettle of fish. Before deciding to publish your essay, first determine if you have enough good essays to be published. If you cannot provide the publisher with enough good essays, it may severely affect your chances of getting your published.

Get as many honest reviews on your essays as possible. If your essays have gotten very good ratings from honest sources, chances are such essays would survive the scrutiny of any publisher. So try to get enough feedback on your essays before attempting to publish it. This will to make you a better writer and will help you to review your skills as a writer. Your essays should be proofread to check for errors before it goes to the publisher.

You would also have to consider whether you have what it takes to deal administrative issues that go with getting published. Publishing your essays requires you to make spreadsheets, put out envelopes and carry out a thorough research on various publishing companies. In carrying out your research, aim at understanding the publishing world. Determine your target audience. If you are writing for a particular niche, research the various publishers that publish for that particular niche.

One other thing you must be prepared to deal with is rejection. Yes, plain old fashioned rejection. Knowing how to write an essay is not just enough. Before your work will ever be published, be prepared to handle countless rejections. Rejection does necessarily mean that your work is not good. It may just be that the publisher has thousands of essays to consider daily and it is not possible to accept all of them. Even the best of writers were rejected a couple of times before they first got published. So it’s nothing new or peculiar to you. While it is not always easy to handle rejection, especially for a writer seeking a first publication, one sure way to deal with rejection is to network with similar writers whose work have been published. Even in the face of rejection, keep working hard and be persistent.

In learning how to write an essay, here are a few tips and places to look out for when considering publishing your work:

1. Search for publications that accept personal essays

Search for publications that feature personal essays regularly. They may include your local newsletters, local neighborhood newspaper, local literary journals and even nation wide magazines. Publishing in your local media helps to introduce your work to publishers from your neighborhood.

2.  Publish your essays online

If you’ve got a blog or a web site, you can easily publish your essays online. There are some sites that offer free blogs such as Blogger Sign up for a free account, set up your blog and you are on your way to publishing your essays. Also readers on your blog can leave their comments about your essays giving you valuable feedback about your works. You can also edit or delete essays based on the comments of readers on your blog. If you are keen on knowing how to write an essay and publish it, this is one sure way to go.

3. Small press literary publications

These are produced by many universities or writers’ groups that have access to endowments or grants. They may be local, regional, national and even international. Look them up in your local library.

4. Search for publications that accept personal essays

There are several of them out there. One sure way to find these is by getting a copy of The Writer’s Market. Here you will find a list of publishers that accept essays from writers.

If you want to know how to write an essay and publish your works, you’ll find the above tips very helpful.